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Welcome to Hitachi Solutions @Service24.
This Web site provides support services to solve your problems related to product usage.
You can receive one-stop services from a single support contact via the Web-based system and e-mail.
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All questions and requests basically need to be registered as a case on the Web site.

The Web site is available for case registration on a 24x7 basis.

You will need to enter all required information to complete the case registration.

When the case is successfully registered, it will be displayed in the Search Case page on the @Service24 Web site.
@Service24 will receive and address the registered case.
* Case receiving hours:Business days 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
* The schedule might vary depending on the products. Please see "Service Specifications" for details.
When the case is successfully received, e-mail notification with the case information (such as a case ID) will be sent to Customer, indicating that the case has been reached to the system.
When any comments (answers) are registered as a note in Service24, the same note will be sent to the customer's e-mail address registered in the User's Registration form.
* @Service24 responding hours: Business days 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
* The schedule might vary depending on the products. Please see "Service Specifications" for details.

If the problem is not solved by carrying out the instruction provided as a note, please register an additional note to describe your current situation.
Please be aware that depending on the request additional hours might be needed for further investigation.

Files can be attached if necessary.

If one case is considered to have more than problems at @Service24 side, such additional problem will be newly registered as a different case.
When the problem is solved by following the instruction in the note, the customer needs to register a new note indicating so.

After that, @Service24 will change the case status to "Closed" to complete the support process.

In the case that the customer has not registered any note for a certain period of time after the note is initially registered by @Service24, closure confirmation e-mail will be sent.

If there is still no registration even after such confirmation, the case will be closed.

If any further support is needed regarding the closed case, please re-register the problem as a new case.

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