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Hitachi Solutions @Service24 Service Specifications
Revision# REV-14/05E
("Service Specifications" is subject to change. Please confirm the revision number carefully.)
"Hitachi Solutions @Service24" is a software support service that is provided by Hitachi Solutions, Ltd. (hereafter "Hitachi Solutions" or "we") in order to help customers (hereafter "Customer" or "you") use the purchased package products (hereafter "Product") with satisfactory performance. This service is delivered in accordance with this Service Specifications and Terms and Conditions for Software Support Service.
1. Servicing Entity
Hitachi Solutions @Service24 (hereafter "Service") is provided by Hitachi Solutions or other technical experts appointed by Hitachi Solutions. A dedicated support center will serve as a service contact.
2. Service Term
The term of the Support Service will be determined based on the agreement between Hitachi Solutions and Customer. If you have purchased the Service for a period of multiple years, the Service will be provided for the amount of years.
The Service is a continuous service and you cannot terminate the contract in the middle of the service term. In addition, once the Service contract ends or is terminated, you cannot sign the same contract later again.
3. Target Products
Target products for the Service are the Products you purchased. Hitachi Solutions will not provide the Service for any of built-in, third-party components.
4. Service Area
Hitachi Solutions will provide the Service to Customer within the country or region where the Service is sold, and allow only the residents of such country or region to use the Service.
5. Service Delivery Method
Hitachi Solutions will provide the Service through the Web site.
Service Offerings
Hitachi Solutions will provide the following Service offerings to our Customers:
Product information
Based on the entries that you make in "User's Registration", Hitachi Solutions will provide the information on Products, such as:
(i) knowledge for better use of Products
(ii) history of version upgrades and patch releases, enhancement details
(iii) manual updates
(iv) notes for using the Product
(2) Upgraded products
You can also request upgraded Products or revised manuals by following the instruction provided by Hitachi Solutions. Please note that you can only receive one copy each of the software or manual per version for each purchased Product model. If you need more copies, Hitachi Solutions will conduct a case-by-case estimation.
You need to have purchased an original Product with the same model name as the upgraded Product that you want to receive. Additional cost may be charged depending on the Product.
You are responsible for installation work. If you want Hitachi Solutions to implement such installation, you need to sign the "Installation Service (System Installation Service)" contract separately.
(3) Assistance for problem resolution
Your representatives (primary and secondary contacts specified in "User's Registration", one for each) can use the Web site to submit support requests or questions about functions or usages of the Products. Hitachi Solutions will quickly respond to the support requests, investigate the situation, and help you remove the problems.
(4) General information on Hitachi Solutions's products
Hitachi Solutions will provide information on its own products including the Products you purchased. If you do not want to receive such information, you can cancel the subscription by following the instruction provided by Hitachi Solutions.
Service Specifications for Quick Resolution Assistance
Support request types
You can submit the following types of support requests to Hitachi Solutions:
Request regarding general questions
Functions and usages of the Products
Installation, setup, operation, and other how-to-use issues
Request regarding problems or failures
Failure of the Products
Closure of support requests
Hitachi Solutions will close the support activities for the submitted case when Hitachi Solutions provides:
(i) answers for general questions,
(ii) counter measures or workarounds for the failure in question,
(iii) actions to be taken if the same failure occurs,
(iv) instructions suitable for the failure in question so that you can restore the normal operation as specified in manuals, or
(v) comments, indicating that the request is not related to the Products.
Support not included in the Service
Hitachi Solutions will not provide the Service for the following cases:
(i) support for customizing the Products,
(ii) implementation of actual tasks such as onsite-works,
(iii) creation of data or programs for testing, and
(iv) any other issues that Hitachi Solutions considers as out of scope.
8. Basic Service Hours
The basic service hours for the Service are described in the "Service Guidelines".
9. About Product Version
Support Center will provide support services for Product versions released one(1) year or less prior to the release of the latest version and also any old versions running in the Customer's product environment. Therefore, you cannot receive the support for any older versions of Product not running in the product environment and Product versions under operation testing. Definitions of the supported versions may vary per product. In the event of any inconsistency between the definitions, supported versions specified in each product's "Supplemental Service Specifications" will be considered to be supported.
Customer's Responsibilities
In order to receive the Service, you need to:
(1) Registering user information
You need to register all required information including: (i) names of the contacts (primary and secondary, one for each); (ii) where to send information; and (iii) any other necessary information. Please follow the "User's Registration" instruction that will be delivered when you purchase the Service.
(2) Applying for version upgraded Products
When you request Hitachi Solutions to deliver "upgraded Products", you need to provide and submit the required information to Hitachi Solutions by taking the procedure specified by Hitachi Solutions. You are responsible for the replacement work to install the "upgraded Products" delivered by Hitachi Solutions. To obtain "patches", you might need to download them from the Web site specified by Hitachi Solutions.
(3) Collecting and submitting materials for investigation
You will need to collect information to be used for investigation when it is required to solve your questions or problems. In addition, Hitachi Solutions might ask you to submit any materials for investigation, necessary specifications, and any other related technical information. Hitachi Solutions will use such Customer data provided for investigation solely for the purpose of solving problems, and will delete the data after the problem or question is resolved. None of such materials or data will be disclosed to any third party.
Disclosure/Leakage of Personal Information
(1) Hitachi Solutions will maintain any personal information disclosed or obtained in relation to the Service with the care of a good manager. Hitachi Solutions will not use such information for any other purpose than to provide the Service, and will not permit any third party to access or use such information without Customer's prior written permission.
(2) Hitachi Solutions will maintain and store personal information by using the method approved by Customer, and also take necessary measures in order to prohibit the usage for other purposes than the original intent, to avoid any leakage, loss, or alteration of such personal information (hereafter "Leakages"), and also to appropriately maintain such personal information.
Login ID and Password
Hitachi Solutions will treat login IDs and passwords in accordance with the following provisions:
(1) Hitachi Solutions will not issue any written notices to provide you with your user information such as a login ID and password.
(2) You can modify its registered user information by taking the procedure specified by Hitachi Solutions.
(3) Except otherwise specified by Hitachi Solutions, you cannot sell or transfer your login ID and password to third parties, and cannot purchase such information from third parties, either.
(4) You are responsible for the use and management of your login ID and password, and Hitachi Solutions will not have any liabilities regarding any events such as Customer's misuse or any third party's unauthorized use. In the case that you send a notice in accordance with the procedure specified by Hitachi Solutions in order to avoid third party's unauthorized use, Hitachi Solutions may suspend the relevant login ID.
(1) Hitachi Solutions will not be liable for any failure to provide the Service when such failure is due to Act of God, fire, network outage caused by unknown reasons, or any other force majeure.
(2) Hitachi Solutions makes no warranties with respect to integrity, accuracy, usability, or other aspects of information (including computer programs) that you obtain during the use of the Service. Hitachi Solutions is not responsible for any damages associated with information provided by any third party other than Hitachi Solutions.
Suspension/Termination of the Service
(1) Hitachi Solutions may temporary suspend the Service in whole or in part, when there are undeniable needs for maintenance or construction of the facilities being used for providing the Service.
(2) When Hitachi Solutions intends to suspend the Service in accordance with the provision set forth above, Hitachi Solutions will give you a prior notice, but subject to any emergency case.
Copy Rights, Intellectual Property Rights, and Other Property Rights
(1) Unless otherwise set forth in this Specifications, ownership of any property right related to the information provided by Hitachi Solutions through the Service, including copy rights and intellectual property rights, shall belong to Hitachi Solutions or each original owner of such information. Hitachi Solutions shall also reserve the ownership of all property rights, including copy rights and intellectual property rights of the Service as a collection of such information.
(2) You cannot reprint, reproduce, publish, broadcast, or publicly transmit any information that you obtain during the use of the Service without prior consent of Hitachi Solutions or a party who has the valid right for such information, and also shall not permit any third party to do so.
16. Assignment
You cannot assign or attempt to assign the right to receive the Service.
17. Notices
Hitachi Solutions will provide necessary notices from time to time by employing any method considered as reasonable by Hitachi Solutions, such as sending e-mail or posting to the Web site.
18. Special Notes
You cannot use the Service for replacement works for upgraded Products or patches, collection of material for investigation, and other works to be carried out at a place where you are using the Products or any other site related to your organization.
The Service shall be subject to the attached "Terms of Use for Software Support Service".
- END -

Terms of Use for Software Support Service Agreement
(Definition of Support Service)
1 Hitachi Solutions, Ltd. (hereafter "Hitachi Solutions") shall provide the following support service in accordance with the Service Specifications as set forth separately.
(1) Basic Software Support Service (hereafter "Basic Service"). Regarding the target software, Hitachi Solutions will provide meaningful information on the usage or techniques, enhanced versions, and assistance for solving problems.
(Support Service Hours)
2 Hitachi Solutions will provide the support service hereinbefore set forth during the Service Hours specified in the "Service Specifications".

(Activities and Right of Entry During Support Service Hours)

3 When Hitachi Solutions considers it is necessary for the provision of the support service, Hitachi Solutions may enter into the place where the equipment of the customer (hereafter "Customer" or "you") is installed or any other Customer-related sites for the required amount of time with Customer's approval.

(Customer's Efforts)

4.1 In order to achieve the purpose of the support service, you will, on your own expense,:
(1) appoint a primary and secondary contact (one for each, hereafter "your Contact") for the target program products of the support service and submit the contact information to Hitachi Solutions. Only your Contact can submit support requests to Hitachi Solutions.
(2) provide any consumables required for providing the support service to the place where your equipment is installed or any other site related to your organization.
(3) make prior notice to obtain Hitachi Solutions's consent before moving your equipment to another location.
(4) exclusively permit Hitachi Solutions to provide the support service as a sole provider of the support service.

You are responsible for all costs and expenses associated with utilities including electricity and communication required to provide the support service to the place where the your equipment is installed or any other site related to your organization.


(Limitation of Liability)

5 Hitachi Solutions will make its reasonable best efforts to provide the support service. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Hitachi Solutions will not warrant that the support service will fix all bugs and other defects, and that each program product will continuously keep the normal operation.

(Support Term)

6.1 The term of the Support Service will be determined based on the agreement between Hitachi Solutions and Customer. (In the case that you have a multiple-year contract, the amount of years specified in the Service Specification will be applied.) This term will be automatically extended for additional period(s) of one (1) year each upon the current terms and conditions unless either party gives a notice of termination to the other party at least one (1) month prior to the expiration.
6.2 Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you terminate, in whole or in part, the use of any program product listed in "StartupKey Registration Information", the term of the support service for such program product will be terminated accordingly.

(Export Control)

7 Before using the information and upgraded Products provided through the Support Service, you need to agree that you comply with the laws of Japan as well as the laws of the country or regions where the Support Service is sold, and also that you will not ship, transfer, or export such information and upgraded Products to any country or region to which export is prohibited by the relevant export control laws.

(Governing Law)

8 Unless otherwise specified, this Agreement and the use of the Support Service shall be governed by the laws of Japan. In addition, the Tokyo District Court shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes related to this Agreement.
- END -

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